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Murphy’s law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” (quoted from Wikipedia). I have some thoughts on the same which might differ from what most of the people generally think.

When I first heard the statement it sound so intelligent and interesting that I took it for granted. But over the time I deviated from the path. I now feel its a Tautology. In logic it means always truth statement. Just like one says “Sun rises in the east” or any other similar fact.

Let’s take the statement as to what it tries to say. “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. No wonder it happens with all of us. Every day we end up having some troubles in some way or another. Things don’t go as expected. And then when things end up unexpectedly we quote the Murphy’s Law saying that it had to happen. My only concern about the statement is how do we validate the statement. How do we know that the thing which went wrong had to go wrong. I personally don’t have any means to validate it, neither I feel anybody else has. There might be a possibility that the thing which went wrong was not supposed to, maybe it just happened. Who knows!!!

Murphy’s Law is inherently a tautology as far as I see it because no matter what had to happen, once things go wrong we just assume it had to go wrong. We change our assumptions. We bring ourselves up to live Murphy’s expectation.


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  1. Well, I think its a truth and a tautology (if this is indeed the case! :)) becoz its a common human tendency to dwell more on the ‘-ve’s than on ‘+ve’s.

    A parallel analogy from my experience:
    Many years ago, one day my daily horoscope in some newspaper read “There will be something that will trouble you the whole day”.
    What troubled me the whole day was this prediction.!

    It’s been years since I have not read any such predictions…but during those days when I used to read, I must have read some good predictions too. This is the only prediction that I remember. It became a truth becoz I let that in! 🙂

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